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Railways Products
Points and Crossings (Frogs) Fish Bolts Bridge Bearings
Rails Clamps (Clips) Structural Bridges
Fish Plates Sleepers (Fabricated/Concrete) Wagons with under frame with wheel Axle Assembly

Railway Products Manufacturer in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, Points and Crossings, Fish Plates, Fabricated Sleepers, Railway Wagons and Assemlies, Casnub Bogie

Steel Plants General Engineering, Material Handling & Mining Power Plants
Ladles upto 200MT Capacity Belt Conveyors Coal Crushers
Metal & Slab Transfer Cars Screw Conveyor Coal Handling Plants
Slab Turnover Device Bucket Elevators Grates for boilers
Coke-Oven Equipment Rotary Feeders Steam Piping work
Sintering Plant Equipment Geared Drives Conveyors
Conveyors Crusher Components Elevators
Cranes & Elevators Overhead EOT Cranes up to 250 MT Condensors
Weigh Bridges Grab Buckets (manual & automatic) Heat Exchangers
Re-heating Furnace Large Cast Fabricated Wheels Pulleys & Shrunk Fitted Components Recuperators

GAL's Products

General Trading Castings Forgings & Chemical Plants Transmission
Bearings Cast Iron Shafts Transmission Towers
Grinding Wheels SG Iron Blanks Sub Station Towers
Welding Electrodes Non Ferrous Castings Shaped Forgings Lattice structures
Coolants Steels in all grades
(Low Alloy, High Alloy),
Unfired Pressure Vessels Windmill Structures
Lubricants     GL Earthing Station Devices
Steel Sections      
Wear Resistant Steel Plates