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Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing FacilitiesWe specialize in manufacturing heavy fabrication used in mines, engineering sector, steel plants, aluminum and copper plants, power plants. Our fabrication specialties are in the fields where the nature of fabrication is heavy, requires considerable engineering skills, and rigorous quality requirements

We undertake on the site commissioning work for complete plants with electrical and electronics. we can also undertake projects on turn key basis. We have our own design supports and appropriate collaborations with reputed world leaders in many fields.

Manufacturing Facilities
Machine Shop
We have a well equipped machine shop with lathes, Boring Machine, Vertical Turning Lathes, maximum weights of work piece machine shop can handle is 60MT with maximum diameter of 6.3 meters.
Fabrication Shop
We have done single fabrication job up to 150MT. We are equipped with TIG, Submerged Arc Welding, CO2 Welding facilities. We have a team of qualified welders to perform ultrasonic and radiographic quality welding. We can perform welding for shipping industry.

Manufacturing Facilities
Handling Facilities
We can handle up to 150 MT single piece weight. Our new fabrication shop would be in a position to handle up to 250 MT single piece weight fabrication.
Heat Treatment
We have in house stress relieving facilties.